Set up your app listing and settings on Google Store – App Listing

Last modified: August 25, 2021

In this article, users will learn how to set properties for your app.

If you don’t have Native Mobile App Builder yet, you can install it for free here.

Information about your app will be displayed in the application store listing

On the admin sidebar, choose App Listing

Then proceed to fill in the information in a form such as App name, Tagline, Category

You can click on the tooltip beside labels to view descriptions of attributes.

App Name: Your app’s name on the application store. It will be displayed under your app icon on the mobile phone’s home screen

Tagline: Highlight features or typical uses of your app. Your tagline can be up to 100 characters long

App Store Category: Assign two categories to mobile app for your app’s discoverability on the App Store

Google Play Category: Assign two categories to mobile app for your app’s discoverability on the Google Play Store

Major Category: The category that comes to mind first about your business/app and describes it best.

Minor Category: The secondary category that you think describes your app the best after the major category.

Keywords: Enter keywords to ensure your app is easily discoverable in the searches you want

Description: The body copy that will appear on your app’s page in the application store

Here is what our app does and why to download it

App icon: Add your app icon for launching into the application store

Privacy policy URL: Please enter your correct privacy policy link. Wrong information may block the launch of your app.

Support URL: This URL will be visible in stores to let your users know how to contact you. It can be the URL of the ”contact” page of your website.

Marketing URL: This URL includes a piece of marketing information about your app. It can be your website URL if you don’t have another specific page for marketing.

After filling in the information in the form, choose “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”, then proceed to save the information just created.

Select the All Listing button to publish their app to the google store or/and apple store.

You will go to the form to publish the app, you need to complete the steps included in the form.

In step 2, you can choose the app market that you want to publish your app and fill in your account name.

In step 3, you can select the Publish button to publish the app.

The system will send back a message that the user publishes the app successfully.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, just click the live chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to chat with us or send an email to [email protected]

We are happy to help! 

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