How to verify your website

Last modified: January 27, 2022

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Why do you need to verify your website?

Submitting your website for Google site verification is necessary to prove its existence to search engines. When your site is verified, you can access the detailed performance data of your website via Search Console. Plus, it makes your site more secure and Google can crawl it and index your pages.

By going through a few simple steps in the AllFetch SEO Image Compression app, you can make your site legit and more visible on Google search results.

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👉 Now, let’s check out How to verify your website

Step 1: Navigate Site Verification on the left sidebar

Under GOOGLE PRESENCE, please click on Site Verification and click on Enable button

enable site verification

Step 2: Get the verification script from Google Search Console

Please click on Get verification code here. It will direct you to the Google Search Console.

get verification code


Step 3: Fill in your store URL prefix

After logging in with your Google account, please fill in with your shop URL prefix  (E.g. and click “Continue”

Fill in store URL prefix

Step 4: Copy the meta tag in Google Search Console

Under HTML tag section, simply copy the meta tag and paste it into our app.

Copy meta tag

Step 5: Verify your website

After pasting the meta tag, remember to click on Verify button.

Verify your website

Step 6: Double-check the verification

To check if your website is verified successfully or not, please comeback to Google Search Console. Then click on Verify button.

double check the verification

After that, you will get a popup to announce that ownership is verified.

ownership verified

Final words

Hope that with this guideline, you can verify your website successfully. If you need any help, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected].  Our customer support team is happy to assist you!

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