Last modified: November 4, 2020

Enable Whatsapp Chat

Click Enable to enable the WhatsApp Chat feature

At the Whatsapp chat section > Setting tabclick Add a line at the Basic Setting part. Add some needed information such as Country codePhone numberAgent name, and Agent role.

  • Click Save & Close if you want to close the popup window
  • Click Save & New if you want to continue to add more agent information.
  • Click X if you don’t want to continue that step.
  • Click the Save button at the top left of you backend
  • Click the Edit details button at the end of the line to edit your information
  • Click Disable to end the agent role

Disable Whatsapp Chat

Click Disableto disable the Whatsapp Chat feature

Change Whatsapp Chat Button Text & Design

Under the Setting tab > Button Text & Design, click the Change Design button to choose the chat button template, then click Confirm.

Greetings Widget

Type the text in the blanks (Title & Help text) to change the title and help text in the greetings widget. Once done, click the Save button (the green one) at the top left of your settings dashboard.

Choose where to display the WhatsApp chat button

Choose at least one of these options below to display your chat button, then click the Save button at the top left of your dashboard

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