Last modified: January 22, 2021

1. Visibility

  • Visibility:
  • Enable for desktop: Allow slide bar to show up on desktop screen.
  • Enable for mobile: Allow slide bar to show up on mobile screen.
  • Position:
  • Button: Change sidebar position up to top of screen.
  • Top: Change sidebar position to the bottom of screen.

2. Custom label

  • ‘Add to cart’ button text: Customize ‘add to cart’ button name.
  • ‘Buy now’ button text: Customize ‘buy now’ button name.
  • ‘Out of stock’ button text: Customize ‘Out of stock’ button name.

3. Color

  • Background Color: Customize sidebar background color.
  • Add to cart button color: Customize ‘Add to cart’ color.
  • Add to cart border color: Customize ‘Add to cart’ border button color.
  • Add to cart text color: Customize ‘Add to cart’ text color.
  • Buy now button color: Customize ‘Buy now’ button color.
  • Buy now border color: Customize ‘Buy now’ border button color.
  • Buy now text color: Customize ‘Buy now’ text color.
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