How to set up the Promotion Feed

Last modified: November 26, 2021

With the Promotion Feed function, you can add promotions, special offers for specific products or all ones in the feed. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up the Promotion Feed. Hope it’s helpful to you!

Step 1: Create a Promotion Feed in Google Merchant

  1. Log in your Google Merchant Account
  2. From the sidebar navigation menu, click on Marketing > Promotions > hit on “+” icon
Hit on “+” icon
  1. Set up promotion type
  • Country and Language: Select the country where this promotion will be available. And select the language that is supported in your chosen country.
  • Destination: Select the places where you want to show this promotion
    • Shopping ads
    • Free listings
  • Promotion category: Select a category for your promotion
    • Amount off
    • Percent off
    • Free gift
    • Free shipping

Remember to click on the Continue button.  

  1. Set up promotion information
  • Promotion Title and ID: Enter a title that describes your promotion and include the value and spend requirements. And enter an ID to track performance of your promotion (This ID will not be shown in customers)

Please memorize the promotion ID because you will have to add it in the Promotion Feed in AllFetch Google Shopping Feed app.

  • Products: Choose which products are eligible for this promotion
    • Choose only products with a promotion ID that matches this promotion’s ID
    • Choose all products
    • Create custom filters based on product attributes
  • Promo code (optional): Customer use this code to redeem promotion via Shopping ads
  • Start and end dates: Choose when you want this promotion to be available for your customers in a date range. Keep in mind that once you save, Google needs at least 24 hours to validate before it can go live.

Remember to click on the Create Promotion button.

Step 2: Create a Promotion Feed in AllFetch app

  1. From the sidebar, please click on Promotion Feed > hit on Create button
Create a promotion feed

2. Set up Promotion Feed details

set up promotion feed details
  • Title: Enter a title that describe your Promotion feed
  • Promotion ID: Please add the Promotion ID you created in Google Merchant
  • Feed applicability: Choose the specific feeds in which you want to activate promotion.
  • Product applicability: Select All products or specific products that you want to add promotion.
  • Redemption channel: Select the channel that promotion is eligible
    • IN STORE
    • Online
  • Offer type: Customize a code for promotion or set it as NO CODE
    • NO CODE
  • Promotion destination: Sử dụng promotion cho Shopping ads, buy on google listings, free listings
  • Promotion Effective Dates: Set up the date range when your promotion come into effect
  • Promotion Display Dates: Set up the date range when your promotion display

After finishing all settings, don’t forget to click on the Add to feed button.

Add to feed

After that, you can go to the feed activated promotion to check.

Check promotions

That’s all steps you need to go through to set up the Promotion Feed in AllFetch Google Shopping Feed. Hope that this guideline is helpful to you!

If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]

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