How to set up Google Shopping feed?

Last modified: June 21, 2021

Note: You will need a Product meta field update app that allows you to create, update, and delete meta fields for products (variants included). 

  1. Setting up Google Shopping feed

In the Dashboard, click Create to get a new campaign

How to set up Google Shopping feed: Create dashboard

Specify a name for the feed by clicking Create (Note: this is only visible to you)

Set the Status to Active 

To connect to Google Merchant Center, click Connect to Google

How to set up Google Shopping feed:  Connect to Google

Once directed to the Google login page, select or log into an account associated with Google Merchant Center and allow access to your product listings and account information.

How to set up Google Shopping feed:  choose an account

Once you’ve successfully connected your Google account, you will be redirected to the Edit Feed page. 

Fill in Merchant ID in order to connect with Google Merchant.

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