How to optimize images with Image Compression

Last modified: December 16, 2021

With AllFetch SEO & Image Optimizer, you can optimize images with Image Compression. This article will show you how to do it in just a few simple steps.

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Image compression minimizes the file size of images. Therefore, it helps to increase your website speed and minimize storage while still retaining the best image quality possible.

Note: You can only access the features after you have selected and signed up for one of our plans. For more details on how to activate a plan, see Getting started: How to activate a plan.

Optimize image file size

To start using this feature, you must navigate to the Image Compression section under the IMAGE OPTIMIZATION column on the left sidebar. Click the Edit button on the top of the form to change the configurations

Click Optimize Now whenever you want to compress the size of images in your shop. Because it takes a few minutes for the app to get the images from your store and the image compression can take time, please wait for a while before your processed images can be shown in the history table.

Image compression first step

NOTE: If you use up the quota of image compression of a month, you will be unable to click the Optimize Now button until the next month.

Check image compression details

Image compression history table

When you click on any row in the history table, the app will show the details of the corresponding image as illustrated below, including Image source, Alternative text, Old image size and New image size

Image compression detail popup

When you click on the image source, the app will automatically redirect you to the corresponding admin page.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, just click the live chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to chat with us or send email to [email protected]. We are happy to help!

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