Last modified: January 25, 2021

1. In case you have available event on TikTok Ads manager

  • Click Apps on your Shopify store’s back-end, at the Tiktok Pixel section, click Edit

On page:

  • Click Event in Assets tab

Choose Website Pixel, and click Manage

Now you can see your available events with its Pixel ID

Copy the pixel ID (*) of the event that you want to track

Get back to your backend Shopify store.

  • Save and deploy the empty “TikTok Pixel ID” one time.
  • Paste the pixel ID (*) into “TikTok Pixel ID” field
  • Click Save

 Now you can view the tracking pixel on the website.

You can view the “Event Funnel Statistics”  on the TikTok event manager page.

Note: please well note that you have to wait for a few minutes to view the tracking statistics.

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