How to give app permission for AllFetch SEO & Image Optimizer

Last modified: December 16, 2021

In this article, you will learn how to give app permission so the app can access your Shopify theme and fix SEO issues.

If you don’t have AllFetch SEO & Image Optimizer yet, you can install it for Free here.

For the SEO features (meta tags optimization, URLs optimization, etc.) to take effect, our app needs permission to access your store Shopify theme. This will not affect or change any element in your theme.


  1. On your left sidebar, go to the Installation section
  2. Click Give Permission
    There will be a notification that says “Give permission successfully”


Give AllFetch SEO: Image Optimizer app permission
  • If you change your theme, please revisit this section to give app permission again
  • Every time you click Give permission (even if you don’t change your theme), the features of scanning broken links and adding JSON LD will be turned off. Please go to Scan broken link and JSON-LD sections on the sidebar menu to enable them.
  • In case some features (meta tags, scanning broken links or adding JSON LD) don’t work, click Remove code and then click Give permission again to troubleshoot.

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