How to fix the “Unavailable Mobile and Desktop Landing Page Error” of Google Merchant Center?

Last modified: June 10, 2021

How to fix the “Unavailable Mobile and Desktop Landing Page Error”?

  1. Page not found (404) or 4xx error
  • If the crawl error column says 404 error or 4xx error, it means the product is deleted from the Shopify store by the merchant and not deleted in our app and still there to Google Merchant Center. 
  • Our app usually updates the status of the product within 30 minutes into Merchant Center.
  • If Google Crawlers crawl that particular product within that period and finds that the URL submitted does not exist on the website, then it will return Page not found (404) or 4xx in Google Merchant Center. 
  • The error will disappear by the time our app removes the product from the merchant center. If the error persists for more than 12 hours then please reach out to our Support team
  1. Could not connect / HTTP 5xx response 
  • In the crawl error column, if it says 5xx error or could not connect, it means Shopify has somehow failed to respond to Google Crawlers request when it tried to crawl the website within a timely manner
  • Usually, what will happen in these cases is when a person tries to open the product page on the website it loads fine but, when Google crawler tries to crawl the product URL it fails to get the proper response. 
  • In this case, Google Merchant Center will return an error either 5xx or could not connect
  • You will have to contact Shopify Support Center in that case. While contacting Shopify Support, kindly make this point clear that the affected product URL loads perfectly fine in the browser, but Google Crawlers are not able to crawl the product pages
  1. DNS ERROR/ Hostname not Resolvable/ Timeout on DNS Lookup
  • If the crawl error column says anything about hostname or DNS, it means something is wrong with the domain’s DNS. 
  • If this error occurs, you will have to check if your DNS configuration is set up property or DNS servers are not running properly.
  • In this case, you will have to contact your Domain Register or DNS Host provider.
  • Normally, this kind of error occurs once in a billion, and the chances of getting this kind of error are very very less.
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