Last modified: November 4, 2020

You can choose the templates that we have designed for you in the Template available section. 

Or you can also design your own template with the drag and drop variables

  • Choose the layout: In the Layout tools section, choose one of the dropdown options to build the template. You can combine the layouts to make the new one. 
  • Insert elements: Choose the needed elements to insert into the template in the Template Build-in section: Table items, Shipping info, Order info, Billing info, Shipment info, Store info. Then, insert some more information that helps your invoice be more informative: Custom code, Table, Line, QR code, Text, Image, Link, Link Block…
  • Insert variables: Choose variables to add/change information for existing parts of the current template. 

After you finish the design, click Preview to check the template once again, then click Save

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