How to create your Google Play Console

Last modified: August 20, 2021


This instruction covers the process of the Google account creation and submission of the app on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store, operated and developed by Google, is the official digital app store for the Android operating system. The store allows users to browse and download applications developed with the Android software development kit (SDK) and published through Google.

Users need to add a Google account on their device to download and purchase any app on the Google Play Store app. If the users do not have an account on the Google Play store, then they have to register for a publisher account.

Register for Google Developer Account 

Firstly, the users need to associate the Google account with the Developer Console and then get started. They have to log in with their Google account to associate with their developer console.

Note: Use a different google account from the personal one to associate with the Developer console for security purposes and convenience in support.

Registering Google Play Developer Console

  1. Go to the link.
  2. Log in with a Google account.

The page appears as shown in the following figure:

  • Sign up for a Google Play Developer account (you must be at least 18 years of age to sign up for a Google Play Developer account): Using your Google Account, sign up for a Developer account. Once you have a Developer account, you can use the Play Console to publish and manage your apps.
  • Accept the Developer Distribution Agreement: During the signup process, you’ll need to review and accept the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement.
  • Pay registration fee: There is a $25 USD one-time registration fee that you can pay with credit/debit cards.
  • Complete your account details: Type your account details. Your “Developer name” is displayed to customers on Google Play. (You can add more account information after you’ve created your account)
  • Click the Create account and pay button

Once payment is executed and the registration is verified, a notification email will be sent to you.

Granting access for AllFetch

In order to upload your Android app on the Play Store, we require an invite to your google developer account. If you are not yet enrolled please follow this guide first. Once enrolled please follow the steps below:

Here are the steps to give admin access to your Google Developer account:

  • Login to your Google Developer account with your Google ID and password
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Users and permissions
  • Click on Invite new users
  • Add Email address ‘[email protected]and leave the Access Expiry field Blank
  • Now click on Account permissions at the bottom, then select the Admin(all permissions) option
  • Click Invite user.

Once done, our team will check the invite and proceed accordingly. We will accept your invite, and submit the app to Google Play Store within 5 business days. Due to an unadjusted shift schedule, Google is taking around 7-10 working days to approve the app. Make sure you have completed the App Listing and custom the Navigation Menu section in the app’s dashboard before submitting the request to us!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via the live chat widget or email [email protected]

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