How to create a Bundle?

Last modified: July 22, 2021

How to create Bundle in

Shopify store?

If you are running an online store on Shopify, you should not ignore an effective tip to boost your sales revenue by adding product bundles and discounts. Following, I will give you step-by-step instructions about how to create Bundle in Shopify store.

Firstly, don’t forget to download Product Bundles and Discounts + for free to activate the Bundle function in your Shopify store, Click here.

Step 1: Create your Bundle

In the Home tab → Click to Create your first bundle button

Following, your site will present like the picture below.

There are some important sections that you should notice:

Title: Bundle title will display in suggestions and cart subtotal.

Description: Enter a description for the bundle, which will display in suggestions.

Bundle type: Choose one out of two options below

  • Discount by Purchasing Multiple Products


Buy 2x Product A + Product B

Buy Product A + 2x Product B

  • Discount by Purchasing a Product with a number of quantities,


Buy 2x Product A, Get discount IF quantity equal or greater than 2

Buy 3x Product A, Get discount IF quantity equal or greater than 3

Discount Type:

  • Percentage OFF

Buy bundle, Get Discount 10%

  • Fixed Discount Amount OFF

Buy bundle, Get Discount $25.00

  • Fixed Total Price

Buy bundle, Total Price is $350.00  

Discount Value: 10 or 25, 350 as example above.

Priority: (for bundles that have the same products) A value of ‘0’ indicates the highest priority to display in the product detail page.

Always Visible: Turn on or turn off the visible status of bundle

Date range: The period of time that the bundle is visible. Out of this time range, the bundle will be invisible on the website.

Some important notes: 

  • When you choose ‘Discount by Purchasing a Product with a number of quantities’ type, the bundle can not apply multiple times.
  • Deleting the bundle will affect the reports, you should archive it.

Step 2: Click Add Product 

Step 3: Select products for Bundle and Click Add button

Step 4: Click Edit, specify product information and tap on Save bundle

You can adjust the Product Variant and Quantity of the products in Bundle. And don’t forget to save changes by clicking on Save button.

Step 5: Click Bundle List Tab again, we now have a list of bundles

Click Bundle Tab again, we have a list of bundles
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