How to and when to use default settings of the AllFetch Google Shopping?

Last modified: June 10, 2021

How to and when to use default settings of the AllFetch Gooogle Shopping?


Default settings should be used only when your large number of products will be assigned the same value in the respective attributes.

These default settings save your time for all the new products which are added to the app automatically.

Please keep in mind that, default settings work only for those products which are yet to sync with the app.

If you are syncing products to the app for the first time, these settings will work. 

It will work for newly added products so that you don’t have to work on them again whenever they are added to the store.

For already sync products, please use the Bulk edit feature for the app.


  • How to set a Google Products Category as Default? 

Default Settings > Default Google Products category > choose your own that fit with your products type

You also can type in the blank to search for the best suitable category with your products

You can choose multiple categories for your items as well. 

  • How to set a default Age Group and default Gender? 

Use Default settings of Age Group and Gender only when you are selling Apparel or Clothing and Accessories products

Do not set this value unless Google asks for if you are selling products from other categories than clothing. 

  • How to use Default Identifiers management?

If all of your products have Valid MPN or SKU and GTIN or Barcodes, select the option of Brandname, MPN, and GTIN

Please keep in mind that Barcode must be a valid GTIN for each product or variant. 

If you don’t have a Valid barcode value in the barcode field of Shopiy=fy Admin’s product or variant page, you should select Brandname and MPN field 

If Google finds products submitted is from a popular brand and others advertise submit valid GTIN, Google may ask to provide the GTIN.

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