Last modified: November 4, 2020

Feed Title

In the Configuration category, at the Feed Title section, please kindly type your wanted title for your Instagram feed on the “Feed Label” box, it will be displayed at the top as the title. You also can change the title’s size and weight to fit your needs. 

Photo Feed Setting

Customize the look of the Instagram feed on your website. 

How to enable/disable media pop-ups? (Paid plans only) 

In the Configuration category, at the Feed Title section,  choose Yes/No in Enable Popup. Click Save then reload your page.

*Choose Yes if you want to enable/ No if you want to disable

(People will be directed to your Instagram account after clicking the photo on the frontend slider) 

Sliders settings

Select numbers of photos per row and rows on the “Slides Per Row” and “Rows” box. Change your feed width at the “Slider Width” box. 

With our latest update version, now you can get separate settings for PC and mobile devices.

At last, check the Preview Instagram Feed to see your chosen settings.

The PC devices preview:

The mobile devices preview:

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