Customize how your bundle appears on the Product Detail Page

Last modified: July 22, 2021

An effective method to stimulate customers to buy more products and retain them on your shopping website is to apply bundles and discounts. Many online store owners constantly update various bundles and discounts every day to enhance their sales, not just on Black Friday, Christmas, and other special events.

If you have already set up a bundle before and just want to modify it, follow our guide below about customizing how your bundle appears on the Product Detail Page.

Firstly, don’t forget to download Product Bundles and Discounts + for free to activate the Bundle function in your Shopify store, Click here.

Customize how your bundle appears on the Product Detail Page

Step 1: Click on Home section and select Customize Widget

Some main sections that you should notice:

Add bundle button: You can select Redirect to Cart page or None after the add bundle button was submitted.

Position: The location of the bundle in the Product detail page.

  • Below the Add-To-Cart Form
  • Above the Add-To-Cart Form
  • Below Custom Element
  • Above Custom Element

No of Bundles: Number of bundles that will be chosen to suggest in the Product detail Page.

Step 2: Customize Text

Come back to Settings button and tap on Edit to modify the bundle.

Then, you click on Text to adjust all text information of the bundle.

Step 3: Modify Color

Step 4: Edit Notification Bar

Step 5: Design Cart Subtotal

Step 6: Adjust Integrations

Don’t forget to click Save buttons to save all your changes.

The display of bundle on Product Detail Page


On Product Detail Page

Notification Bar

Notification Bar: your cart

Cart Subtotal

Cart Subtotal: you save by bundling
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