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WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart 3 questions
  • How to check which app plan I am in?
    • You can check your plan details including data usage and subscription status in 2 ways 
      • From the Shopify dashboard > Settings > Billing > Bills
      • From the app dashboard> Account > Plans

  • How to upgrade/downgrade my current plan?

    You can upgrade/ downgrade your current plan by clicking on the Account tab > Plans and re-choose your plan to fit your needs

  • Is AllFetch Whatsapp Chat & Notification app GDPR friendly?
    • GDPR is primarily concerned with personal data, saying that an EU citizen owns the right to their data. In WhatsApp Chat Button, we do not store identifiable information about any of your store visitors. We don’t capture information like their phone number, or anything at all that is identifiable.
    •  Any information that we gain access to about your store, and therefore your customers is always owned by the merchant. When a merchant deletes our app, we delete all information that we get from the store.
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